The best builds in Diablo IV

Since its release, a large number of builds have been released for the different characters in Diablo IV. Even though the game only has five classes to choose from, you can create a huge amount of builds that will make your character feel more personalized than ever.

But as in any other game, some builds are naturally better than others. In case you’re wondering what they are, in this list we’ll show you the three best builds you can create and equip in Diablo IV, and the points you should allocate to get them.

Ice Sorceress Build

This Ice Sorceress build is based on building the character around ice and frost abilities, cold and freezing effects and spells that destroy the battlefield.

Strong Points

  • One of the best area damage builds.
  • Excellent crowd control options.
  • Many defense possibilities and synergies.
  • Legendary traits that perfect the build easy to get at the beginning.
  • Ideal build to weaken bosses and elite enemies.

Main skills

To create the Ice Sorceress build these are the main skills in which you will have to invest your points:

  • Basic skill – Frost Discharge (1/5): basic attack that has synergy with upcoming skills and upgrades.
  • Basic skill – Ice Shards (5/5): it is the main attack of the build to damage single targets and you should improve it to the maximum.
  • Defensive Skill – Frost Nova (5/5): ability to control mobs and in combination with Ice Shards to damage enemies in area.
  • Defensive Skill – Teleport (1/5): will give you a lot of mobility in construction.
  • Defensive Skill – Ice Armor (1/5): gives your character survivability and a way to defend against the worst dangers, as well as increasing mana regeneration.
  • Ultimate Ability – Total Freeze (1/1): will give you a great defense and damage for critical moments.

Passive skills

In the case of passive skills, to strengthen this build we recommend you to invest your points in the following nodes:

  • Crystal cannon (3/3): allows you to do more damage in exchange for taking more damage.
  • Permafrost (1/3): you will deal more damage to elites with frost abilities.
  • Frost (3/3): You will deal more damage to frozen and frozen enemies.
  • Icy Touch (3/3): Deal more cold damage to vulnerable enemies.
  • Icy Breeze (3/3): Gives you a chance to generate mana when dealing cold damage to vulnerable enemies.
  • Avalanche (1/1): With it, your frost abilities have a higher chance to make your next cast of Ice Shards not consume mana and deal more damage.
  • Aligned Elements (1/3): Reduces the damage of elites as long as they don’t do damage to you.
  • Precision Magic (3/3): Increases your chance to activate Lucky Strike.
  • Devastation (1/3): will increase your maximum mana.
  • Elemental Domination (3/3): your main ability will do more damage when cast with more than half of your mana.
The best builds in Diablo IV

Whirlwind Barbarian Build

This build focuses on the Whirlwind skill as the backbone of the character and is focused on getting rid of large amounts of enemies in a short amount of time. This is one of the most popular builds for the Barbarian ever.

Strong points

The strengths of the Whirlwind Barbarian build are as follows:

  • Solid mobility and remarkable survivability
  • High area damage
  • Versatility in providing group support
  • Possibility of swapping shouts to shape the build

Main skills

To create the Whirlwind Barbarian build these are the main skills in which you will have to invest your points:

  • Basic skill – Onslaught (1/5): used to gain Fury and attack nearby enemies individually in a standard way. Be sure to also acquire its two modifiers as soon as you can.
  • Basic skill – Whirlwind (5/5): a great attack to damage many enemies around you and your main source of damage. You should increase the skill to the maximum as soon as you can and buy its modifiers.
  • Defensive skill – Encouraging Shout (1/5): will give you immunity to crowd control, increase your speed and Rage generation. It is also recommended to buy its modifiers.
  • Class Skill – War Cry (1/5): increases the damage you do and your movement speed. Buy also its modifiers.
  • Mastery skill – Lethal Strike (1/5): executes a lot of damage, ideal for the strongest targets such as bosses. Purchase its modifiers to improve it.
  • Ultimate Skill – Berserker’s Wrath (1/1): grants more damage, more speed, immunity to crowd control and more Rage.

Passive skills

In the case of passive skills, to strengthen this build we recommend that you invest your points in the following nodes:

  • Thunderous Voice (3/3): improves the duration of your screams.
  • Prontitude (3/3): allows you to move faster and gain mobility.
  • Imposing presence (3/3): gives you more health to resist more in combat.
  • Martial Vigor (3/3): reduces the damage you take against elites.
  • Pit Fighter (2/3): great passive to do more damage and take less damage from afar.
  • Irascible Rage (2/3): gives you more maximum Rage.
  • Unbinding (1/1): allows you to keep your rage state longer.
  • Invigorating Fury (3/3): as you spend Fury you will recover life.
  • Hostile resistance (3/3): reduces damage to stay alive longer.
  • Prolific Rage (3/3): helps to keep your Rage high.
The best builds in Diablo IV

Rogue Sniper Build

The Sniper Rogue build focuses on maximizing the character’s physical damage and critical hit chance through certain ranged skills. While also investing points in improving your crowd control and gaining movement speed.

Strong points

  • A recommended build for beginners.
  • High damage against single targets.
  • Remarkable area damage possibilities.
  • A functional and powerful build even without legendary traits.
  • Safe ranged play style

Main skills

To create the Rogue Sniper build these are the main skills in which you will have to invest your points:

  • Basic skill – Heart Seeker (1/5): your basic attack with which you will also increase the probability of critical hits.
  • Basic skill – Penetrating Shot (5/5): the central attack of the build to do massive damage and obtain powerful synergies.
  • Defensive Skill – Shadow Step (1/5): it may not seem very useful in this build, but it will help you to reposition yourself and look for new shooting angles.
  • Class Ability – Dark Embozo (1/5): will grant you protection and defense, along with a damage increase.
  • Mastery Skill – Shadow Imbuement (4/5): ideal for causing massive explosions among enemies and doing a lot of area year quickly.
  • Mastery Skill – Poison Imbue (4/5): great for weakening single targets such as elites and bosses.
  • Ultimate Ability – Dark Clone (1/1): useful attack to generate a clone that mimics your actions.

Passive skills

In the case of passive skills, to strengthen this build we recommend that you invest your points in the following nodes:

  • Footwork (3/3): landing critical hits increases your movement speed.
  • Weapon mastery (3/3): you get bonus for your equipped weapons (in this build we recommend especially swords and crossbows).
  • Explode (3/3): deal more damage to healthy and wounded enemies.
  • Malice (3/3): deal more damage to vulnerable enemies.
  • Precise Imbuement (3/3): Imbued skills gain more chance of critical hit.
  • Dark Shock (1/3): Gives you the chance to activate a lucky hit that increases the chance to stun with shadow damage.
  • Consuming shadows (1/3): when killing enemies with shadow damage you generate energy.
  • Innervation (1/3): gives you the chance to activate a lucky hit that generates a chance to gain energy.
  • Adrenaline rush (1/3): gives you energy regeneration while moving.
  • Accuracy (1/1): each critical hit with marksman skills will grant you accuracy and more critical damage per stack to raise your damage a lot.
The best builds in Diablo IV rogue build

These were the best builds to try in Diablo IV! Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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