Diablo IV: All the acts explained and how long it will take you to finish the game

When we dive into a new action role-playing game like Diablo 4, it’s natural to wonder how long it will take to complete. The length of a game can influence our decision to embark on that adventure. In the case of Diablo 4, the answer is not as simple as the length of its main campaign, since after finishing the game we will find a lot of additional content.

Therefore, in this article, we will explore in detail how long it takes to complete Diablo 4 and how it extends beyond the main story. We will know how long the additional content lasts and what things make the game change and extend even further.

Acts in Diablo IV

In Diablo 4, the act structure is fascinating and captivating. At first glance, you might think that there are a limited number of acts, but they are not. Diablo 4 is composed of six main acts. However, if we include the prologue and epilogue, the total number rises to eight. While this number may seem relatively small, we must keep in mind that each act is unique and offers a substantial amount of content.

After completing the first act, players must make a crucial decision: choose a specific area of play. Each area has its own act, which means that you will not be able to experience all six or eight acts in a single playthrough. This choice adds an additional layer of replayability and diversity to Diablo 4, inviting you to explore different paths and discover new challenges in each playthrough.

Finally, remember that you can play the first three acts in any order you want. Just keep in mind that before starting Act 4, you must have finished the first three.

diablo 4 all acts

An overview of the acts in Diablo IV

  • Prologue: Wanderer
  • Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith
  • Act 2: The Knife Turns Again
  • Act 3: The Creation of Monsters
  • Act 4: A Gathering Storm
  • Act 5: Secrets Exchanged, Destinies Sold
  • Act 6: Dance of the Makers
  • Epilogue: Of the Spilled Wound

Each act is meticulously designed to immerse you in a dark and dangerous world, full of challenges and unexpected twists and turns. As you advance through the plot, you’ll encounter a wide variety of quests, memorable characters and epic monsters that will test your combat skills and strategies.

It’s important to note that Diablo IV isn’t limited only to the number of acts it presents. Although it may seem that six or eight acts are not enough to keep the game alive for a long time, the true richness of Diablo 4 lies in the depth and variety of content it offers.

Each act of Diablo IV is packed with approximately 100 quests, giving you a wide range of challenges to overcome and objectives to achieve. These quests are designed to keep you captivated and engaged with the game’s story. However, it is crucial to note that not all Diablo fans will feel the need to play the game a second time after completing the initial campaign.

diablo 4 how long is the campaign

How long is the main campaign?

Knowing how the acts work, it’s time to talk about gameplay times. According to the game developers and early reviews, it is estimated that completing the campaign will take around 30 hours of gameplay. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this figure may vary depending on your play style and the amount of additional content you decide to explore.

If you focus only on the main missions, you may complete the campaign in less time.

The Endgame

Although the main campaign may seem relatively short compared to other games, don’t worry, because the Diablo 4 experience transcends the main story. Once you’ve completed the campaign, you’ll enter the endgame, where the hours of gameplay really start to pile up.

This is where Diablo 4 shows its true potential and offers you a wide variety of activities and challenges to keep you interested for a long time.

Post-game content is essential to keep players engaged and excited. As with other action RPGs, Diablo 4 offers seasons, which are content updates that introduce fresh modifiers and mechanics to the game world. These seasons allow players to start fresh, explore new possibilities and face unique challenges.

In addition to Seasons, Diablo 4 also offers a wealth of additional content for those who wish to explore beyond the main campaign. You can immerse yourself in challenging dungeons, participate in special events and search for powerful equipment to improve your character. Exploring the entire world of Sanctuary gives you the opportunity to discover hidden secrets and find unique rewards.

diablo 4 how long to finish

How long does it take to finish Diablo IV 100%?

It is important to note that it is virtually impossible to determine how long it takes to complete Diablo 4 to 100%. The length of the game will depend on several factors, such as your focus on additional content, the difficulty you choose, and the time you spend exploring and participating in events. Anyway, there is an estimated number to finish the game at 100%. You can calculate that you will be able to finish the game in about 150 hours, but as we said before, it is impossible to know exactly if it will take you much longer than that.

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Now tell us, are you satisfied with the game time? Do you think you can finish it sooner? Tell us in the comments!

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