Every change League of Legends has in store for 2023

Riot Games announced what’s in store for the 2023 season of the most popular MOBA. In this video, they show us the future of League of Legends, its competitive scene, and many changes that the community has been longing for several updates. All this will start on January 10, celebrating the start of season 2023.

This season will officially kick off the League of Legends qualifier and tournament season. In addition, this sneak peek will also serve as a way for players to learn about all the content coming throughout the year. The League of Legends team talked about some of the aforementioned updates, such as Ahri’s artwork and sustainability or the complete update to the Aurelion Sol gameplay experience.

The 2023 season begins

The qualifying season has officially begun. Let’s think about making a mark in this new year and in the qualifiers, all thanks to the 2023 season missions, the following rewards await us:

  • 2 chests and hextech keys
  • 6 icons
  • Precision Icon
  • Domination Icon
  • Witchcraft Icon
  • Valor Icon
  • Inspiration Icon
  • Icon of the book of runes
  • 3000 blue essences
  • 8 champion fragments
  • Yasuo
  • Zed
  • Sejuani
  • Pantheon
  • Wukong
  • Aatrox
  • Yorick
  • Katarina
  • 2023 Season Opening Icon and 2023 Season icon
  • Guardian look Leaving a mark
The 2023 season begins

Reworks and new champions in 2023

Ahri’s update is just around the corner! These impressive modifications affect her basic design, skins, visual effects, illustrations and the nine tails.

We can also expect the implementation of larger updates that aim to revamp the gameplay experience of older champions and modernize the template.

At the start of the year, Aurelion Sol also had an update, a completely new skill kit was released for the Star Forger.

Although not much is known about it, a Skarner rework is also planned for mid-year. This would not be the first rework that this hero has had, although a second rework would not be bad for him.

Riot Games also revealed the two new champions to be released this year. One of them is Milio, who is already available for use a few months ago. About the other one, we still know almost nothing apart from his name, which is going to be Naafiri.

Reworks and new champions in 2023 league

New skins in 2023

  • Ashe lunar empress
  • Kha’Zix lunar guardian
  • Qiyana lunar empress
  • Malphite lunar guardian
  • Thresh lunar emperor
  • Galio mythmaker
  • Garen mythmaker
  • Irelia mythmaker (legendary)
  • Sivir mythmaker
  • Zyra mythmaker
  • Sivir mythmaker of prestige
  • Prestige porcelain Lissandra
new league skins 2023

Rankeds in 2023

Starting this year, The Ranked matches will be restarted between two qualifier splits and Riot Games will implement rewards that match them, in order to bring LoL up to current expectations and thus put an end to various stress-related problems that come with losing and relegations in the middle of the year.

Ranks restart
When the second split of the qualifying season begins, the restart will not be as marked as the one that happened in January, since the game will not change so much that players will need to re-earn their rankings. People who have not played many games since January will notice this mid-year restart even less.

Players will be able to get all ranked rewards in each split, which includes icons, emoticons, ranked borders and a ranked skin. This means that there will be two skins available in this year’s qualifiers, plus a few additional rewards that you will get for moving up.

In addition, players will no longer need to reach Gold to get the qualifying skins, as they will now receive it based on a number of qualifiers played depending on their level in the leaderboard.

Jokes will continue to be rewarded based on the final ranking at the end of each split.

league ranked skins 2023

New Beginnings Event

Between July 10 and 11, all competitive League of Legends leagues will host a special two-day event where we will broadcast a preview of the 2023 season and introduce the year’s top players. This will give fans an idea of what the 2023 Rift season will look like and what LoL Esports has planned for that year.

All pro teams will be sending players to compete in the New Beginnings event. Matches will be best-of-three on Summoner’s Rift with no lockouts or repeat champions. Each of the professional teams represented on the winning team will have the opportunity to create with the designers an emoticon that will be added to the game.

On the other hand, it has become customary for Riot to announce the patches that will be made throughout the year. With this tool, we always know when the next buff or skin to our favorite champion is coming.

For the first time in a long time, League of Legends goes from updating on Wednesdays to Tuesdays, being this day the new official patch day, moving forward one day.

Therefore, every Tuesday every two weeks we will have a LoL patch unless there is a vacation or major surprise, plus an important detail: sometimes B versions of patches are released to adjust changes that have not been liked.

New Beginnings Event lol

League of Legends 2023 Patch Schedule

  • Patch 13.1 – Wednesday, January 11th
  • Patch 13.2 – Wednesday, January 25th
  • Patch 13.3 – Wednesday, February 8th
  • Patch 13.4 – Thursday, February 23rd
  • Patch 13.5 – Wednesday, March 8th
  • Patch 13.6 – Wednesday, March 22nd
  • Patch 13.7 – Wednesday, April 5th
  • Patch 13.8 – Wednesday, April 19th
  • Patch 13.9 – Wednesday, May 3rd
  • Patch 13.10 – Wednesday, May 17th
  • Patch 13.11 – Thursday, June 1st
  • Patch 13.12 – Wednesday, June 14th
  • Patch 13.13 – Wednesday, June 28th
  • Patch 13.14 – Wednesday, July 19th
  • Patch 13.15 – Wednesday, August 2nd
  • Patch 13.16 – Wednesday, August 16th
  • Patch 13.17 – Wednesday, August 30th
  • Patch 13.18 – Wednesday, September 13
  • Patch 13.19 – Wednesday, September 27th
  • Patch 13.20 – Wednesday, October 11th
  • Patch 13.21 – Wednesday, October 25th
  • Patch 13.22 – Wednesday, November 8th
  • Patch 13.23 – Tuesday, November 21st
  • Patch 13.24 – Wednesday, December 6th

As you can see, LoL will only be updated two Wednesdays all year and only one Monday and the rest of the days will be Tuesdays. So you know, Tuesdays are patch Tuesdays, and from 2023 will be the key day to get into LoL to see the changes.

    League of Legends 2023 Patch Schedule

These are all the changes you can expect in League of Legends during 2023! What are you looking forward to the most? Tell us in the comments.

If you want more League of Legends content, you can keep watching our guides!

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