Every Data Bank in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Part 1

There is no doubt that in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, there are many things to do. One of them is finding the databanks.

They may seem easy to find, but there is a huge amount of them throughout the game, and many can go unnoticed. In this first part of our guide, you will see where to find half of them, so you can imagine that there are really a lot of them, but with our help you will not miss any of them.

All Databanks Jedi Survivor

Databank #01

Broken dredging machine: from the meditation point go along the path where there is water and you will see this echo on some machine parts.

Databank #02

Broken mining droid: go to the end of the path where the previous data is and you will see this droid to scan.

Databank #03

Crushed prospector: you find it inside the cave in the area, in the middle of the dark tunnel.

Databank #04

Koboh’s Pitch: you can scan it just when you go down to the first area with a pitch pit and get on the platform.

Databank #05

Abandoned Prospector: it is just before the meditation point, leaning on a pole.

Databank #06

Gorocco’s nest: from the meditation point, go over the half-destroyed bridge and after defeating the gorocco, open the door in the wall to access its nest.

Databank #07

Destroyed dam: from where the meditation point is, drop down to a lower wall of vines and you will go down to the area below to scan this part of the dam.

Databank #08

Drowned prospector: you find this echo also in the lower section of the meditation point, going down the vine as with the previous one.

Databank #09

Dead chaos pirate: it is a corpse of a pirate that you will find lying on the ground, going down the main path from the meditation point.

Databank #10

Levee flow pipes: these are some pipes that you can scan when you reach the tar pit area in the levee.

Databank #11

Ruined levee wall: to the left of the previous one you can scan the levee wall by approaching the protruding platform.

databanks jedi survivor

Databank #12

A desperate escape: after climbing the dyke wall continue until you enter the mine cave and you will see this echo on the side.

Databank #13

Creature Bones: it’s in the canyon that you can unlock by busting the wall with a spinning mine, right after the gorocco appears.

Databank #14

Abandoned camp: after the previous one go up the rope and you will find the remains of this camp on the edge of the upper ground.

Databank #15

Enchanted: it is the nest of a bogling, at this end of the trail. You can’t miss it.

Databank #16

Unusual silo: approach the huge silo near the valley outpost to scan it.

Databank #17

Damage assessment: enter the bunker building and lift the manhole cover with the lift skill. Go down inside and in a hole in the platform you will find this scanner.

Databank #18

Abandoned Water Purifier: Go into the water section of the bunker and dive through a green-lit pipe to come out the other side. Climb on the vines to the floor above and you can scan this datum.

Databank #19

Doma, untied: it is a corpse by the river.

Databank #20

The sadness of the combat droid: on the riverbank you will find a small concavity where the corpse of this droid is.

databank jedi survivor

Databank #21

The leader’s banner: it is a broken banner that you will find next to the meditation point.

Databank #22

A negotiated alliance: climb the tower with droids in the area from the meditation point and you will find this dead droid with which you can recover an echo.

Databank #23

A mechanical touch: this databank is located inside a closed workshop. From the door where there are two droids go to the right and run along the wall with markings to ascend to the back of the workshop through which you can sneak through a hole in the ceiling to the inside.

Databank #24

A returned gift: it is in the same workshop as the previous one, on a table.

Databank #25

Gorocco shrine: you will have to climb up the slope next to the mine to reach this high ground where a gorocco is located.

Databank #26

Free sample: this echo is located next to the previous datum, on the edge of the high ground.

Databank #27

Shrewd hunters: found in a nest of gorgers that you can reach through a narrow passage.

Databank #28

A new beginning: you can find it on top of a bench next to the entrance of the mine that is on fire and surrounded by droids.

Databank #29

An excessive task: it is a corpse that is at the entrance of the burning mine surrounded by droids.

Databank #30

Dead researcher: after forming a bridge by throwing a rock in the cave, go up and go to your left by breaking the wires and going through a narrow passage, you will reach this dead researcher.

Databank #31

Dead gorgers: it is the corpse of a gorger that you will find in your main route through the cave, you can’t miss it.

Databank #32

Giant ribs: it’s right in the middle of the path after unlocking the shortcut at the beginning of the cave.

Databank #33

Prospector’s remains: it is in the same area as the meditation point in this area.

Databank #34

The first move: from the side of the stand you will see a grappling point for the hook that allows you to climb up some vines to this upper ledge on the mountain where you can feel the echo.

Databank #35

Turgle’s glowing shell: on the riverbank near the stable you will come across this piece of shell.

data bank jedi survivor

All the databanks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Part 2

As you may have already noticed in the first part of our guide, finding databanks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor may seem easy, but finding them all without help is actually very difficult. The game has more than 100 databanks scattered on various planets in its huge universe, and in this guide, we will help you find them.

In the guide’s previous part, we covered the first 35 databanks in the game. As there are still many more databanks to cover, in this second part of the guide, we will see up to databank #60, and in the last guide, we will see all the remaining ones.

Databank #36

Hallikset: is the instrument hanging on the wall of your room in the canteen.

Databank #37

Moran’s Possessions: can be obtained after opening the locked door of Pyloon’s Inn, in the back room of the cantina (see the attached link for more details).

Smuggler Tunnels

Smuggler Tunnels

Databank #38

Dead end: as soon as you enter the tunnels from the canteen room you will find this databank on the right-hand side.

Chamber of duality

Chamber of duality

In the duality chamber area of Koboh you can find just one databank

Databank #39

Disaster: it is just before the entrance of the duality chamber area.

Databank #40

Basalt Pillars: you can scan these rock pillars right after using the first unlockable shortcut in the area.

Databank #41

Territory Wars: this is a large capsule that you can scan a little ahead of the meditation point, where two soldiers fight a droid.

Databank #42

Same story, different planet: you can feel this echo in two raw eggs in the cave with soldiers that you reach after the meditation point.

Databank #43

Revenge of the Fangorrino: you can scan this databank after descending the slippery slope of the cave and fighting the Fangorrino that appears.

Databank #44

Risk and research: you can scan a series of objects in the area where you meet Toa, next to the bonfire.

Databank #45

The shortest straw: these are some imperial supplies that you will find near a group of soldiers on the path on the other side of the meditation point.

Databank #46

Fangorrino Ponds: you can scan these ponds near the sleeping Fangorrino found in the lower area of the rift.

Databank #47

Koboh Dust: you can scan these in the first area where you encounter them after crossing the brambles and the railing.

Chamber of Reason

Chamber of Reason

In the area of Koboh’s Chamber of Reason, you can find a total of 5 databanks:

Databank #48

Speak of the future: you can find this echo by activating the first bridge with the sphere, just after crossing it.

Databank #49

Khri’s objectives: after crossing the first bridge, go up in the elevator, and you will find this echo next to the second mechanism.

Databank #50

Just in time: cross the blinking bridge that you activate with the second sphere and then go up the wall to the next level to find this echo on your right.

Databank #51

A secret meeting: it’s just to the left of the previous databank, it’s a drawing on a wall.

Databank #52

Dead end: you can reach this echo by creating a bridge with the second sphere and from it by picking up the first sphere from the lower level to place it on the pedestal you will see at the bottom of the bridge you are on.

Forest Array

Forest Array

In the Koboh Forest Antenna area you can find a total of 6 databanks:

Databank #53

Koboh barrier: it is the barrier to the left of the meditation point.

Databank #54

Epic feathers: you can find these feathers to scan right after the trapped flying creature throws you when you pass under it.

Databank #55

Antenna auxiliary telescope: you find it on the same catwalk where you face against a Mogu.

Databank #56

Orb Amplifier: it’s the orb coupler that you can scan as part of the story.

Databank #57

Indomitable: after taming a mount for the first time, advance to the area with soldiers, and before getting on the next Glider, scan this shield underneath it.

Data bank #58

Central rotating device: this is the orb coupler in the center of the area you come across as part of the story.

Rehabilitation Wing

Rehabilitation Wing

In the Rehabilitation Wing area of Koboh you can find a total of 1 databank:

Databank #59

Beyond the Abyss: This is an echo that can be scanned next to a shortcut after the encounter with Dagan Gera, by jumping onto an outer railing of the antenna to reach it.

Nekko’s Ponds

Nekko’s Ponds

In the Nekkos Ponds area of Koboh you can find a total of 1 databank:

Databank #60

Nekko’s Scratches: you can scan it after climbing up the waterlogged slope next to the meditation point and after descending the one that follows it.

This was the second part of our guide to finding all the databanks in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor! Stay tuned for our third and last part, where we will show you all the databanks you haven’t been able to find yet. Did we miss any? Tell us in the comments!

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