Every Enemy Scan In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

If there’s one thing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has, it’s content. The game did not disappoint by showing a huge world of characters, secrets and quests. For such a long and complex game to be so successful, it obviously needs good enemies, and that’s another thing the game excels at.

By having such a large list of enemies, it is logical that we want to avoid them or not bother to look for them. That’s why Star Wars Jedi: Survivor rewards you for doing so by making you collect its scans. In this list we will see the huge amount of enemies that the game has and their respective scans, so that in this way, you can have them as a trophy.

Galactic Empire

Before starting to look for the scans, we will already have the advantage that some of them are already unlocked; these are the next ones:

  • Scout Leader
  • Stormtrooper
  • Stormtrooper leader
  • AT-ST
  • Security droid Flamethrower trooper
  • Heavy Assault Trooper
  • Probe droid
  • Rocket Launcher Soldier
  • Electrobaton purge trooper
  • Purge Trooper

Then, we must unlock the following ones. Some we will do it as part of the main campaign, but for others we should deviate.

  • Ninth Sister – Defeat the Ninth Sister on Coruscant to add her entry, which you shouldn’t miss as she’s part of the story.
  • Shield Soldier – Easily found in Koboh; immediately remove her shield to make her easy prey. The Basalt Trench is a favorable terrain to find this enemy.
  • Jetpack Soldier – Players will encounter this enemy when Merrin enters combat in Jedha.
  • Viper Probe Droid – Easily found on the road to the Forest Array in Koboh in Chapter 6.
  • DT Guard Droid – A must-have, as this enemy stands in the way of Cal’s progress in Uhrma’s Crypt.
  • Enforcer Security Droid – In Nova Garon, this enemy is part of the contingent stationed in the Hangar Bay area.
  • ISB Agent – Defeat this blaster-wielding enemy to add him to the roster.
  • Darth Vader – This scan is added after his battle agains Cere. Obviously, you will get this as part of the story
enemies starwars jedi survivor location

Bedlam Raiders

  • Droid B1 – When you reach the planet Koboh, you’ll encounter this opponent.
  • Battle Droid B1 – On the way to Forest Array, this enemy draws your attention.
  • Battle Droid B2 – You’ll meet him for the first time at the crash site in the canyon: You fight the droid after there is an explosion in the area.
  • BX-Droid – Located in the mines of the ruined dam – don’t miss the opportunity to scan the enemy after you get rid of him.
  • BX-Droid (Hybrid) – This enemy is a combination of melee and ranged power and appears shortly after Cal meets Caij Vanda near the destroyed settlement.
  • BX Droid (Rifle) – Similar to the enemy above, but focused solely on range, this enemy can be found in the southern plains.
  • Dagan Gera (1st entry)
  • Dagan Gera (2nd entry)
  • Dagan Gera (3rd entry) – All three entries cannot be missed as part of the story.
  • Droideka – The iconic droid can be encountered when players try to get Zee out of the Lucrehulk.
  • E3-VE3 – A named enemy that can only be found in Untamed Downs. Keep to the left when entering the region from Bygone Settlement. Go through the green barrier and the enemy will be waiting for you at the end.
  • The Massif – Another boss enemy that protects a power essence crystal and can only be reached by climbing a grate in the area below in Yurt Barracks and using the power elevator ability.
  • Bedlam Raider Lieutenant (double blade) – In the Stone Towers, this enemy appears when you cross the rift after sliding into the central structure.
  • Magnaguardia – An essential enemy in Shattered Moon; go through the story and fight her to add her to the list.
  • Veteran Attackers
  • Attacking Grunt – Both this enemy and the one above are common in the Observatory.
  • Madhouse Crusher – A brute that uses a hammer from the Lucrehulk.
star wars jedi survivor enemy

Haxion Brood

You’ll encounter the following enemy types when you complete the Bounty Hunter side mission. Be sure to examine each corpse before leaving an area to complete the set.

  • Haxion Brood Command
  • Haxion Droid Breeding Bounty
  • Haxion Brood Reward Hunter
  • Haxion brood brawler bounty droid caij vanda
  • Haxion Brood Shock Squad
  • Haxion-Brood gunslinger
  • Haxion brood grenadier
haxion brood bounty hunter

Flora and fauna

  • Gorocco – An enemy that fights with its giant fist, which you probably first encountered in the Derelict Dam area.
  • Gorger – Native fauna that hunts in packs; it’s easy to find them in the Koboh wilderness.
  • Vile Bilemaw – Make your way to Fogged Expense to find this enemy towards the end of the area.
  • Gorocco Matriarch – A legendary enemy that you can only find in Derelict Dam. Use a rolling mine to destroy the wall near the meditation point. Open the door with Force Lift and finish the fight.
  • Slime Terror – Another legendary creature, this time in the Viscid Bog. You need to use Force Lift on the platforms to reach the arena.
  • Grudge – Can be found in the wilderness or through one of the Force Tears.
  • Bile Maw – Unmissable, as Cal will encounter him throughout the story.
  • Rawka – Often found in the wilderness, these enemies are the ones Cal likes to attack.
  • Spawn of Oggdo – He first appears in Fort Kah’Lin once players reach the top of the buildings and drop through the roof into a circular area; defeat Oggdo to gain the entrance.
  • Bramlik – Found shortly after Cal meets Caij in the third chapter.
  • Shivering Frost – Found near the water at the ravine crash site.
  • Mogu – Also a common sight. You can defeat him as part of rescuing a strange couple and unlock the Holotactics minigame in Pyloon’s Saloon.
  • Hard Shells – These creatures are part of Jedha’s fauna and are found in large numbers, especially in Uhrma’s Crypt.
  • Skriton – Unavoidable, as Cal and Merrin must defeat him to continue the story.
flora and fauna jedi survivor

These were all the enemies and their scans in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Do you think you can get them all? Tell us in the comments how it went!

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