Every Perk Slot location in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, we play Cal Kestis, a Jedi behind Order 66 fighting against the Empire. Already in Fallen Order, we could see that we faced all kinds of enemies, and here is no exception, so it is essential to be well-equipped. An essential part of our capabilities is given to us are perks, passive abilities that we can find in different places.

However, in order to use them we need slots. Luckily, these slots can be obtained; therefore, in the following guide, we tell you where to locate each one.

Where to find all the perk slots in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

There are a total of 7 perk slots scattered in different places in the game. It should be noted that one of them is obtained through the data discs in Zeta’s store, so do not miss the opportunity to collect them. Still, in the following guide, we tell you where to find all these spaces. Also, if we get them all and use them, we will get the trophy “Job Advantage” which will help us to complete the game 100%.

Slot 1

Location: in Koboh, Abandoned Dam

First of all, to access it, we need the power to bring down and ascend the objects we are given when we are rescuing Zeta as part of the story. From the meditation point, we advance along the yellow ramp that takes us to the mudflat, pass the two platforms and, as we go up, we will see a platform that we can lower with our ability. If we follow all the platforms and defeat the enemies, we will find a lightning puzzle. We complete it and use BD to take out a bomb. We then take it outside to blow up one of the stone walls, use BD again to clear the stuff from Koboh, and at the end of the walkthrough, we’ll get the extra slot.

Slot 2

Location: Koboh, Outpost

We have to get on a mount, next to the meditation point, and advance to Harvest Mountain Range. There we hook ourselves to the rope that is loose and explore the area until we reach the orange building with several enemies we get on the mounts to enter inside it, go down the elevator, and go up to the upper area. You will find the new slot after a couple of jumps.

perk slot 2

Slot 3
Location: Koboh, Outpost

Right at the house on the shore, we will see a saddle jump drop into the inner courtyard of the place. Inside there is a green door and a tunnel. We keep going all the way to the bottom, (we will see several more green doors), and we will get the third slot.

Slot 4
Location: Jedha, Anchorite Base

From the meditation point, we go to our right through the desert until we reach the mountain. We climb up where it is without riding on it, slide down the cable, and we will see the Path of Perseverance. We follow that platforming path, which includes some enemies, and climb the mountain. We will know that it is the right path because we will see puzzles with the Force, of those in the Archive. When we have completed them, and we have climbed all the way up, we will find more enemies and also the slot we need.

Slot 5
Location: Jedha, Desert Range

We have to advance through the exit between the stones, where the mounts and enemies are, and we get on one of them until we reach the Path of Restoration. There we will find on the right a wall to climb. We follow this path to where the imperial soldiers are and continue advancing until we pass the echo. There we will see a sphere of those that move with the Force. We solve the doors in this way, go up to the hook that we have on the right and we sneak through the hole in front. We move again another of the spheres with the Force and we return to the entrance. We move again the spheres outside, go up the hook, finish with the enemies, and open the secret stairs with the sphere that remains above.

Slot 6
Location: Jedha, Desert Range

From the same meditation point as the previous slot, we go back up the mounts leaving through the door of the bricks. Now we move in the other direction, to our right out of the door, until we reach the Barren Plains. We need the balloon skill to reach the Path of Conviction. Just like before, we solve all the puzzles with the Force and we will discover some kind of stairs with the slot.

Slot 7
Location: Pyloon inn

This slot is fairly easy to find, but it won’t be free. You can find it in Pyloon Inn, inside the Zeta’s store. We can buy the last perk using 10 data disks.

all perk locations

These were all the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor skill slots and their locations! How many of them did you already know? Tell us in the comments!

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