Every planet in Star Wars: Survivor and how to use Fast Travel

In 2019, EA and Lucasfilm surprised the world with the release of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, the galactic franchise’s new video game that was tremendously well received. The new Star Wars title received very positive reviews from both specialized critics and fans, who praised its story and combat system.

After more than three years of waiting, Cal Kestis returned to consoles worldwide with a new sequel to Fallen Order, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. The story is set five years after the end of the previous videogame, with a more experienced Cal Kestis, and promised to improve on its predecessor in everything, both in gameplay, graphics, and story, and after a month of its release, it seems to have achieved it.

During the game, Jedi Survivor players will visit six completely different locations, four planets, and two moons, and in this guide, we will not only see them but also learn how to use fast travel to navigate between them.


Located at the core of the galaxy, Coruscant is one of the most important planets in Star Wars history and the hub of all galactic political activity. This planet has been the setting for numerous series and movies in the Star Wars universe, including Episodes I, II and III, The Bad Batch, The Clone Wars and more.

Koboh and its shattered moon

Located at the outer edge of the galaxy, the rocky planet of Koboh makes its first appearance in the Star Wars universe in this Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Around the planet orbits a single satellite, a moon that appears to be destroyed, which can be visited in the game.

Koboh and its shattered moon


Located in the middle edge of the galaxy, Jedha is a moon that was created for the 2016 film Rogue One. However, over the years, this location has become increasingly important thanks to the saga’s comics and novels, and now, in the video games.


Located on the galactic border of the outer rim, again, Tanalorr is a planet presented for the first time in this videogame and was discovered, within the Star Wars lore, during the High Republic.

Nova Garon

Introduced for the first time in the video game, this planet is a great unknown within the Star Wars universe, of which we know practically no information beyond what was presented in Jedi Survivor.

Nova Garon

How to fast-travel between planets?

One of the new gameplay features that Star Wars Jedi: Survivor adds (and that its predecessor didn’t have) is the fast travel system. In addition to the mounts to move faster, in this installment, Cal can use different points of the maps to move through them in the blink of an eye.

At the beginning of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the fast travel system between zones is blocked, and it is not until you reach the planet Koboh that it becomes available. Therefore, you must first progress through the game’s prologue on the planet Coruscant until you reach Koboh.

How to fast-travel between planets?

Once you enter Koboh, unlocking fast travel happens fairly soon. Simply from the Sinister Place area in the gorge you will have to move to the Abandoned Dam area.

Upon reaching this second meditation point, you will already have two zones unlocked in Koboh and be informed that fast travel has just been unlocked.

You can only travel from one meditation point to another, but there are a lot of them all over the maps, so they are really useful to explore all areas comfortably. Note that you can’t open the holomap to make fast trips from wherever you want, you necessarily have to go to a meditation point to be able to move between zones.

Every time you find a new meditation point, don’t forget to sit there and meditate to unlock that place as a new fast-travel place. Since the Mantis breaks down when you reach Koboh, you have to progress through the story on this planet to fix it. After passing through the forest antenna on Koboh, when you return to the outpost the Mantis will be available again. By this point in the story you will have the planet Jedha available.

From this point on, you can use the Mantis holomosa to choose to travel to different planets. Naturally, every time you want to travel from one planet to another you will have to go to where your beloved ship is parked (you can fast travel to its position from the meditation points, to save you travel).

As we said before, not all planets are available at once, so you must make progress in the main story of the game to unlock new ones.

These were all the planets in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and the explanation of how to navigate between them! Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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