Everything you need to know about the new Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 would debut with 22 fighters, including the core roster from Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, namely Ryu, Ken, Zangief, Dhalsim, Honda, Blanka, Guile, and Chun-Li. Every Street Fighter fan knows these characters, and this time none of them are reserved for future seasons.

They are joined by the also classic Cammy and Dee Jay, who debuted in Super Street Fighter 2, Rashid and Ed from Street Fighter 5, Juri from Super Street Fighter IV, and Akuma, the eternal antagonist who debuted in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

To the delight of many fans, Street Fighter 6 will balance this selection with a good handful of original characters to learn about and, who knows, find our new favorite fighter.

We have Marisa, a muscular Italian with a nod to gladiators, Mimi/Manon, a French fighter who many believe replaces SF 4’s Abel, Riri/Lily who is a young Mexican girl with clubs, JP who is a Russian with a cane, cape and noble look who would use psychic powers, the long-braided American Kimberly, an “African-American ninja,” and A. K.I from China, a claw-wielding woman who would use poison, similar to F.A.N.G.

New gameplay: Drive and increased accessibility

Basically, the Drive Impact is reminiscent of the Focus Attack from Street Fighter 4. The Drive Parry is also reminiscent of the Parry from Street Fighter 3; the Overdrive is reminiscent of the EX, the Drive Rush would make it easier to create combos otherwise impossible, and the Drive Reversal would be equivalent to the Alpha Counters/V-Reversals from Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter 5 respectively.

Consuming the Drive bars would be somewhat disadvantageous, but after a while, this gauge would be refilled.

One of the big concerns of fighting game developers is that their community is considered loyal but small, if we exclude sagas like Super Smash Bros, studios try to open the doors to new generations of players. Some games unify moves in their template, buttons are simplified, auto combos are added, and in short, more importance is given to strategy or reflexes than to the difficulty of executing the combo. Street Fighter 6 wants to open the doors to more users and will present a classic control with six buttons, similar to what we have seen in the last games, and another called “modern control” for new players.

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This type of modern control uses fewer buttons and brings the “special move”, which accompanied by a direction, activates one of the character’s techniques. In the example given by Capcom with the PlayStation controller, triangle and right activates the Shoryuken, triangle and down is the High Blade kick, triangle and left the Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku, and triangle without more, the Hadoken. Super Arts only require one direction and a couple of simultaneous buttons, while combos with the assist trigger (R2) and the repetition of another button – for example circle repeatedly – unleashes a rain of blows.

It is difficult to know if this scheme will give so many facilities that it is preferable to the usual control, but in general the classic option gives more flexibility when mastered. In any case Capcom’s intention is to remove all those barriers and prejudices that the genre suffers from: that it is too difficult to learn, that it requires too much concentration or the hard learning curve. A wider community will always be positive news.

New modes and other features

Capcom is trying to remedy the criticisms that Street Fighter 5 had in its debut, and that’s why the team has been quick to talk about Fighting Ground, which encompasses the arcade mode, online combat, training, local versus and everything related to fighting. There are also two new categories, World Tour and Battle Hub.

World Tour is a single-player story mode, and this time it will be somewhat different from the development seen in SF 5 – which consisted of movie-like sequences and combat – leaning more towards a third-person adventure aspect through the streets of Metro City. It’s not entirely original in the genre, Mortal Kombat: Deception’s Konquest offered something similar at the time, but it seems Capcom is taking it very seriously at least in terms of production values and reinforces that urban feel that this installment exudes. Capcom claims that it will allow you to “create your own legacy” in Street Fighter 6.

New modes and other features  street fighter 6

Battle Hub will be our place to find friends to compete with. Unlike the typical menu with user names, Capcom is more inspired by the “hub worlds” that we can find in Arc System Works games -Guilty Gear, Dragon Ball FighterZ- and adapts it to a virtual room with player avatars. The developer has not given many more details, but it has been seen that we will be able to customize our character with equipment, and it is easy to imagine that we will be able to chat with the rest of the community.

A closer look at the Battle Hub gives some fascinating clues. The area includes arcade games such as Street Fighter Alpha 2, Super Puzzle Fighter 2, and more. We don’t think it’s just a decorative element, and speculation is already beginning to emerge that it may allow you to play a whole collection of classics with other users, but it’s still too early to assume that a sort of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection will be integrated into SF 6.

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Another new feature is the real-time commentator function to simulate that the games are part of a broadcast tournament. Capcom has had well-known commentators in the fighting community of which we know of two at the moment, Vicious and Aru, who narrate what is happening on screen – the techniques, strategies – and give excitement when one of the fighter starts an epic comeback. There will be an option to activate subtitles in 13 languages.

And that’s all you need to know about Street Fighter 6! Have you had a chance to try the game? Let us know in the comments!

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