How to play Holotactics in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

In Jedi Survivor, Cal will meet many new characters as he explores the planet Koboh.

As you progress further on the planet, you will eventually gain access to the Holotactics game. This holographic tabletop strategy game will have you going up against other players who frequent the room. We’ll show you how to unlock the game and how it works below.


Before you can crush your competition in a head-to-head battle, you’ll first need to take care of a few things in Koboh. For starters, you’ll need to complete the first main story arc: The Forest Array. This will give you access to a new area where you’ll recruit the game’s masters.

Next, talk to Moran in the living room to get the Rumor: Locate the Odd Couple. You can find Moran sitting at the other end of the bar. Navigate to the rumor location on the map and you will find the dynamic duo on top of a platform. You will hear them pleading for your help to get rid of a mogu that is trying to attack them. After talking to them, return to the room to start playing Holotactics.

Holotactics Basics

After receiving a brief tutorial, you will be ready to try your luck in this new game. To start a round, you’ll first choose an opponent from a handful of salon regulars you already know. You’ll unlock more competitors as you talk to more people in Koboh.

Once the match begins, you’ll have a certain amount of battle points to spend in each wave. Choose from a selection of units to deploy, each of which requires a different amount of battle points. You’ll have a large selection to start with, and each unit is grouped into melee or ranged type. As you place them on the board, you’ll have a choice of ten spaces in total, five in the front row and five in the back.

To complete the round, you must defeat three waves of enemies. If you lose a single round, you will be defeated and the game will end. When you defeat each competitor for the first time, you can earn a unique reward that can range from materials to unique cosmetic items.

Holotactic Strategy

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for winning every match, but there are some general best practices to keep in mind if you want to come out on top. For starters, pay attention to the types of units the enemy has deployed. If they are all ranged units, you can probably rush them with a couple of melee units before they can take you out. If they deploy some of the more powerful units, such as elite droids, make sure you have some protected soldiers to help keep them at bay while your ranged units fire from behind.

Sometimes it can be tempting to deploy some expensive, high-powered units to feel evenly matched with yours. However, this can stretch you and it may be in your best interest to send many weaker units to overwhelm them instead. You will also want to adjust your strategy when they have units that can fire explosive ammunition at you. Even your most powerful melee or protected units will die quickly with a bomb, so in these situations, you’ll want to have some ranged units in place.

Finally, the last thing to consider is where you place your units. At first, it may not seem like it matters too much, but positioning can drastically affect the outcome of the match. If you have your ranged units too close, they are likely to be eliminated quickly. But have them too far away and they will have a harder time reaching their objective. Sometimes simply rearranging the units you choose can make the difference between success and defeat.

How to play Holotactics in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Holotactics enemies and their rewards

When we start our Holotactics games, we must take into account that some of our opponents will be blocked. This is because we must unlock them by hiring them, so we can fight Holotactics battles with them.

In addition, each of them has its own reward, so we really must beat them all.

How to play Holotactics in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor


This will be our first enemy, and will basically function as a tutorial. It is actually very easy to defeat. Once defeated, he will give you the Priorite Shard.


This enemy is still pretty easy. Defeating Greeze will give you the Pilot Jacket as a prize.


This is the first time where the difficulty will escalate and you will need to use your brains a bit more. When you defeat Tulakt, you will get the Anodized Metal as a prize.


This is the first enemy that is locked, you must complete the mission to find Cere in Jehda to unlock it. When you defeat him, you will get the Ancient Scrolls.


Another blocked enemy, to unlock him you must go to Stones Spires and activate the cutscene where Caij appears. Defeating this opponent will give you the Bounty Puck.


To unlock this opponent, you must first recruit him. You can do this in Foothill Falls. Once you defeat him, you will get the Mustache and Patch.


To unlock T-1N8 you must head to the Phon’Qi Caverns. Before you get there, you will go through a basement where you will find her. Once you defeat her, you will get a datadisk.


Once you defeat all the enemies in the Holotactics game, you will be able to challenge Tulli, the Holotactics champion. As you can imagine, she is the strongest rival in the game and you will really have a hard time defeating her, but cheer up! It’s not impossible.

Once you defeat her, you will get a skill point.

holotactics jedi survivor

That’s all you need to know about Holotactics! Are you ready to play this fun Star Wars Jedi: Survivor mini-game? Let us know in the comments how it went!

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