Important Advanced Tips for Redfall

When we play Redfall, we are not exposed to a game with a big learning curve. The game may seem a bit complicated at first, but once you understand its world, it becomes much easier to explore, as this is not a game that changes too much over the hours.

However, learning how this world works can be quite tricky. During the first few hours, you will probably have a hard time dying constantly or making mistakes.

This is not a game that has an interesting story or is going to compete for the game of the year; its best appeal is to learn it fast and start having fun killing vampires. Therefore, in this guide, we will teach you advanced tips so you can fully understand the game and start enjoying it.

If you’re not quite advanced yet, check out our beginner Redfall tips.

Build friendships

  • As the different heroes play together, their level of trust progressively increases. This unlocks more intimate dialogues and some mechanical power-ups. Depending on the level of trust, you will get bonuses in damage reduction, time spent dead, experience for enemies killed, time to revive, health regained after reviving and healing.
  • If you play with your friends often, be sure to invest in heroic skills that help the squad, such as Jacob’s Veil and Remi’s Team Herring.
  • Don’t climb stairs! Layla’s Lift skill, Dev’s Translocate, and even Remi’s C4 Charge are great options to propel heroes and their teammates to a higher point. This type of displacement comes in handy for Jacob to provide cover fire and take out enemies from above with his ultimate ability Cold Blood.
  • Layla’s Energized Ascension ability is great if you’re a fan of stake launchers and shotguns. Combined with Vampire Slayer I and II, which increase Stake Thrower ammo, Layla becomes a very powerful support hero with tremendous vampire-killing firepower.
  • Devinder is the king of electrical damage. Upgrade his Energize ability to boost the electrical damage of nearby allies and combine it with the Chicharra gun (an unmatched weapon); the result is highly lethal.
  • Rascal is great for getting the team out of sticky situations. Remi’s Siren skill commands Rascal to distract enemies, allowing her to sneak around or eliminate an entire group of enemies. You can upgrade Remi’s Siren skill to make Rascal inflict damage and electrocute enemies.
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Eliminate vampires

  • Redfall vampires are very agile and will try to dodge many attacks. They can also float and teleport, so it won’t be easy for you to hide from them. Look around you and look for ways to take advantage of the environment to slow them down. Electrical panels or ultraviolet lights could save your life if you are besieged by enemies.
  • Time will advance as you explore the world. Although the sun is constantly eclipsed over the island, you will be able to distinguish whether it is day or night. During the day, vampires will be less present in the streets, as they prefer to take refuge in abandoned houses. They will come out if they hear noise, but if you are careful and do not make a racket, you will be able to go unnoticed or catch them by surprise while they are resting.
  • Nests are dens of psychic spaces where vampires in the blood trance doze. These zones strengthen all vampires both inside the nest and in the nest’s sphere of influence, which affects the real world. Outside the nest, a glowing bubble marks the psychic energy zone, which will continue to grow until the heart of the nest is destroyed. Look for the ghostly door leading into the nest and destroy the heart so that it collapses. Inside each nest is a powerful vestige.
  • Thunderstorms of thunderers: Vampiric deities manifest their wrath through a dynamic storm accompanied by the thunderer, an implacable enemy. If you provoke the new deities, you will face their champions. The thunderer will not stop until you destroy him, or until he kills you. If you finish him off, you will be rewarded handsomely.
  • That said, the thunderer presents no small challenge. At times, it will be convenient to let him kill you; as if you were playing dead, let’s say. This will reset the vampiric deities’ wrath meter and leave you alone until further notice.
  • You can make your enemies fight each other. As you go through Redfall, you will face the vampires and their cultists, as well as the private military services company Bellwether. They all hate your guts and don’t get along very well with each other either. Take advantage of that to create situations that will serve to divert attention and make them fight against each other instead of attacking you.
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Gather all the data you can

  • Notes and books add a lot of information about the world and events.
  • Head to off-the-beaten-path locations to search for Grace’s locks, a remnant of the psychic event that led to the existence of vampires in Redfall. Gather them to learn more about the story and increase the psychic residue you automatically recover for your ultimate ability.
  • In Redfall, houses hide secrets. Explore the interiors whenever you can, where you will uncover short stories and gain useful resources. In some cases, the clue will be given by crows, smoke, and communication lasers on buildings…
  • Spy on unsuspecting enemies to get more information about the world and the events happening around you.
  • Echoes of the past are visible in places where important events in history took place. If you activate them, you can observe them to find out what happened.
redfall advanced tips

Secure shelters

  • Securing shelters is a way to recover Redfall, neighborhood by neighborhood. Complete shelter missions to access more resources in these locations and, at a certain point, you will be asked to locate and eliminate the vampiric underboss of the neighborhood. When a safehouse is unlocked, it can be used for fast travel.
  • To secure a shelter, you will usually need to connect the ultraviolet lights outside using a nearby generator. They are usually protected by cultists, vampires, or sometimes environmental puzzles.
  • Areas with deadly haze (a red mist that covers the ground) are often seen in the world and can prevent you from advancing. This haze is harmful to your health, so we don’t recommend going through it; instead, you should find a way around it or eliminate the source. Look for the mist spitters in the center, attack them with an ultraviolet beam to disrupt the flow of mist, and then deliver a good blow to eliminate it completely.
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Think about your equipment

  • Always carry a stake weapon! No matter how much we stress it, it won’t be enough. When a vampire takes a certain amount of damage, it becomes vulnerable to stakes for a few moments. After that period, it will start to regenerate its health and come back to haunt you.
  • New weapons can be found around the world inside various containers (bags, safes, car trunks, etc.) and each one is characterized by a rarity that grants unique bonuses. Search each location to further expand your inventory.
  • Dismantle unwanted weapons to obtain scrap metal to use as currency to buy ammunition, first aid kits, lock picks, rewiring kits, or new weapons.
  • Remember to assign the vestiges! Check them from time to time to make sure that you have equipped the outfit that best suits your play style.
  • You can find various outfits for the heroes around the world, by completing the game at specific difficulty levels and by obtaining additional sub-boss skulls, which can be used to open special chests that are hidden here and there.
  • Use the right weapon for each situation. If you’re going into a nest, you’ll need weapons more suited to fighting vampires, such as flare launchers, ultraviolet beams, and stake launchers.
  • Do you want to look cool? There are outfit variants for each character; you will unlock them as you play. Check your character’s screen from time to time to see if you’ve found any new items to try on.
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This has been our advanced guide for Redfall! Are you ready to start killing all the vampires that cross your path? Tell us in the comments!

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