Important Beginner Tips for Redfall

Among all the games of 2023, there is no doubt that Redfall was one of the most criticized. Expectations of this game were quite high and, at the time of its release, it disappointed with its terrible AI, character design, and, in general, story.

But despite all the criticism this game has received, not enough was said about the fact that despite all the mistakes it makes, it is still fun. For this very reason, this game found itself with a large player base, as it is an ideal game to have a good time and shoot with friends.

Were you also considering playing it? In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know before doing so.

If you’re past the beginner stage, go check out our advanced Redfall tips.

First steps in the game

  • While playing Redfall, part of the fun is being distracted. The game features campaign, side or shelter missions, with nests, dynamic cutscenes, standalone encounters, thunderstorms, and random encounters that will occur as you roam the city. In addition, there are environmental narration cutscenes virtually everywhere.
  • You can change the difficulty at any time. If you are a very experienced gamer or if you love shooters, increase the difficulty to Midnight or Eclipse. If you find it too difficult, choose a lower difficulty level called Daylight, where less elite or special enemies usually appear.
  • The key is to consider playing (and replaying) in different ways, with different heroes. Solo and co-op modes offer different experiences. It is not the same to play co-op with another person, as a duo, as with a squad of 3 or 4 members. At launch, there are 4 heroes: each one has unique abilities and powers, and tells a particular story with personal touches since they all have specific dialogue phrases and backgrounds. You will get additional information about the story and characters if you play several times with different heroes.
  • You can go back to all the tutorials from the File menu. If you don’t have time to read the tutorial all at once or you think you missed something, feel free to check the information in the File menu again when you are in a safe location.
redfall tips

Walking the island

  • Look up! Look around. Move vertically when you can, along cliffs, rooftops, bridges, etc. Often, it will help you sneak around to avoid a confrontation or to find alternative access. There are also many secrets hidden in the less traveled places…
  • Always look for alternative paths: back streets, doors, balconies, windows, or rooftops.
  • Redfall has lots of secrets to discover; some of them are announced by specific markers in the world, such as smoke plumes, crows flying in circles, or communication lasers pointing at the clouds. If you investigate these points, you may come across something interesting.
  • As you go around the city, you will find commemorative plaques. You can activate them for fast travel (shelters also allow fast travel).
  • Consult the Redfall map frequently. Place a marker to orient yourself. Icons on the map related to a current mission will be highlighted in gold.
  • Turn on the flashlight when you need it. The vampires have hidden the sun, but that doesn’t mean you have to go in the dark. The flashlight can help you spot items you might otherwise miss.
  • Use lock picks to open old-fashioned mechanical locks on building or vehicle doors, and always carry rewiring kits to disable alarm systems or electronic safes. This is no joke: we assure you that you don’t want to set off any alarms; otherwise, all enemies in the area will come running to your location.
redfall map

Getting Better

  • The fire station and the maritime center are places to start missions and chat with allies. You can also use the supported currency there to resupply ammunition, lock picks, rewiring kits, and medical supplies. You will find the supported currency while exploring and on the bodies of enemies; you can also get it when dismantling equipment.
  • Bellwether troops have installed ultraviolet lights all over the island to combat the vampires. The cultists have turned many of them off, so why not turn them back on to stop any bloodsuckers that get too close in their tracks?
  • Use your powers! Many hero abilities are passive, but there are three active ones. Use them often to tip the scales in your favor. Two of the three active powers are recharged with a timer. To charge your heroes’ ultimate power, you need psychic residue, which can be obtained mainly by destroying vampires; you will also find it in glowing blue jars carried by cultists of vampiric deities.
  • Sometimes, the best option is to run like there’s no tomorrow. If you are exploring on your own and end up in a situation beyond you, make a strategic retreat and come back when you are stronger or better equipped. Or when the area has cleared up a bit.
getting better at redfall

Advancing in stealth

  • Our enemies will react if they see or hear you; you can sneak up behind them or hide behind something that hides you from their sight (if you play with Jacob, use the Veil). Sneak to get an advantage over enemies or avoid confrontations.
  • Hack into enemy turrets to use their own defenses against them.
  • Flare launchers can be used to trick enemies into investigating an area. You should prioritize distracting cultist instigators to draw them away from their allies and eliminate them without making a fuss before they have time to call for help.
  • Change the course of any battle by using interactive elements, which stand out in red when you point at them. Take advantage of fire and electricity.
  • You will cause additional damage when using weapons and melee attacks against unsuspecting enemies.
redfall tips

This was our beginner’s guide to Redfall! Do you think you can get the hang of it?

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